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July 11, 2018

SocialGood Airdrop


Airdrop end date: Jul 10

Est. Value: 10 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

The SocialGood platform targets global development of the world’s premier social offering token ecosystem utilizing the SocialGood cryptocurrency. The more members achieve what all they like inside this autonomously ordered SocialGood, which employs AI and blockchain technology, the further users can better communities.
Every time holders of SocialGood buy things from partnerships partaking in the SocialGood
Ecosystem, they all automatically get a cash back amount a portion of the purchase
cost. Concurrently, an AI algorithm gives a portion of the cash back amount as financial assistance to groups providing to society globally. The SocialGood cryptocurrency is created so that
the asset price is anticipated to grow, giving benefit to those for joining in the ecosystem,
and the community will develop automatically. This presents a win-win-win for customers, organizations, and communities. Forms to patent this device as a blockchain software are submitted in Japan and the United States.
The SocialGood platform and community looks to increase its size and impact. Business ventures based on the wishes and
self-fulfillment of individuals eventually become co-creative and collaborative and are thus automatically tied to recognizing the expansion and social enrichment of the community as a whole.

Token sale:

The selling of these tokens is being placed to supply original users who want to engage in the ecosystem. Every one of the funds received from the sale will be used to amplify both the value and worth of the
tokens (i.e., utilized to grow the token ecosystem by expanding the total number of toekn holders and increase
the abundance of network organizations).

Instructions for Airdrop:

1. Register an affiliate account by following the link titled “Sign Up for Airdrop” below.

You can connect one Twitter account and one Telegram account to one Ambassador account (If you have already followed before the certification, please cancel the follow and try again)

2. Please Retweet our CEO’s tweet (this is Official Account)

3. Join the SocialGood TELEGRAM group


Instructions for Bounty:

Social Good Foundation Inc. is excited to announce bounty campaign to support the largest ICO in Japan (500 Million USD Token Sale).

1. All members are obligated to join our TELEGRAM group and Follow & Retweet CEO Twitter account.




2. Follow link to bounty program below titled “Bounty Program Sign Up”

With the information available on the SocialGood project, it looks to have high potential to be a good airdrop and bounty program for all participants.

Airdrop Rating





Airdrop Timeline: Jun 25 2018 - Jul 10 2018

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