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July 31, 2018

Iris.ai | Project Aiur Airdrop

Academic Publishing Incentives

Airdrop end date: Jul 03

Est. Value: 14 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

Project Aiur by Iris.ai aims to bring change to the incentives within the Science industry today. The Project Aiur solution will empower many to come together to develop more sustainable and fair incentive structure that is built to encourage transparency by using ai and Blockchain to ensure correct research and data validation.

To get started with the Aiur Airdrop Phase 3 follow the info below:

Project Aiur aims to democratize science by fixing the incredibly misaligned incentives of academic publishing. The goal is massive and cannot be reached without a rock-solid community of supporters at the core of it.

Through the third round of our Airdrop campaign, 5,000 tokens (worth an estimated €20,000 at the intended token sale price) will be distributed free of charge to researchers and students to encourage innovation, openness and transparency around academic peer review.

Peer review is supposed to be a process where academic peers provide feedback on research through expert analysis. It is of massive importance, not only to the researchers whose careers depend on the reviews, but also to the entire the system of academic communication. Since it is widely known that the current system is badly in need of repair, we’re inviting you to join us ideating ways in which you think the system should be fixed! Joining Aiur Airdrop is easy:

1. IDEATE: Send us your ideas (max 3) to fix the problems of the current peer review system by filling the form on www.projectaiur.com/airdrop. We at team Aiur will run a quick initial review on the suggestions and will let you know via email if your ideas passed the screening stage.

2. TWEET: Tweet your ideas that passed the initial review after the idea submission phase closes.

3. VOTE: Give your vote for the TOP3 ideas. Detailed instructions to do that will follow.

4. VIEW THE RESULTS: We will announce the results upon completion of the voting period on this website! The AIUR tokens will be distributed accordingly: – 2 AIUR tokens for each idea that surpasses Team Aiur’s initial review – 1 AIUR token for voting the best 3 ideas Prize for the providers of the TOP3 ideas:
 – 20 AIUR tokens for the best idea
 – 12 AIUR tokens for the second best idea 
– 6 AIUR tokens for the third best idea

With the information that is currently available about the Project Aiur airdrop, it looks as though it is shaping up to be a good airdrop.


Always consider these things when signing up and participating in an airdrop;


  1. Never send/donate ETH or pay for an airdrop
    These are the most common tactics. You will see fake Twitter pages sharing; “Donate .1-1 ETH to get free ‘xyz’ token”. These are scams so don’t let them fool you! 
  2. Never share your personal private key
    This is rule number one for anything crypto related. Your private key is YOURS, never share with anyone. Keep your private key safe and don’t get tricked into sharing it. 
  3. Use different passwords
    Do not use the same password on different site. Some airdrops require that you create an account on their platform and sign up with a username and password. Create a unique password for each and manage all of your passwords with a password manager. It’s a good idea to set up a tracker in a spreadsheet to keep tabs on the airdrops you’ve signed up for and the account information you used. When you’re signing up for 20+ airdrops, this will help you keep organized. 
  4. Be careful with KYC airdrops
    KYC (Know Your Customer) is used for many ICO’s because they require that you share your information to participate in token sales. If you do not plan on purchasing tokens during a projects ICO, then don’t fill out any KYC for an airdrop. This will ensure you secure your private data.   
  5. Create a new Ethereum Wallet just for airdrops
    Using one ETH wallet to just for your airdrops will help you keep organized and keep your personal wallet safe. One option is to use MetaMask to create a new wallet and manage multiple at the same time. There isn’t much danger in sharing your public address, but having a separate address for airdrops is a safe way to keep your personal wallet value hidden. 
  6. Use reliable sources when doing your research
    Make sure you are following links from the airdrops official pages and channels. On Twitter, you will see many “look-alike” profiles that claim to be there airdrops official page. They will use similar usernames and profile pictures. Double check every time before you click a link or share any information.

    If you see what you think may be a Airdrop scam, report it to the official airdrop channel or to us immediately



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Airdrop Timeline: Jul 11 2018 - Jul 03 2018

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