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July 3, 2018

Origin Sport Bounty

Sports Betting

Airdrop end date: Jun 30

Est. Value: Total pool 150,000 ORS

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

The Origin Sport platform is a sports betting platform that empowers blockchain technology to create a more transparent way for users to host and join wagers on specific sports bets. The platform does this by using smart contracts to increase efficiency. All rules and transaction record are recorded and open to all users on the platform. This allows for all the transactions to be tracked and secure. All of the rules in the game and also the odds of the game are “manipulate-proof’ to create a safe platform for transactions and exchanges. Some of the smart contacts automatically settle and distribute bonuses to its users.

A credit model to support a token lending system

The Origin Sport platform will be able to filter users with good credit and provide token related financial products to meet the user’s needs. Hosts will have the privileges with a certain amount of the ORS token, and then hosts will be able to have more efficient use of their capital.

Provide technical solutions for businesses resolves sports events via smart contracts

Through smart contracts, out solution can provide enterprise users with a permanent and immutable events database. Combine the results of sports events stored on-chain and detailed technical statistics in IPFS which has led to sports data system as a whole.

Value Of Platform

1. Will allow users to engage in tokenized bets on a reliable, extensible and free program
2. Secondary markets for tokens to grow in value – users can feel secure about keeping tokens that double as an investment (betting = investment)
3. Members from all over the world can participate in any game at any moment, our platform isn’t bound by any regional restriction
4. Helps for a diversity of games with many types of sports

Currently, Origin Sport has a bounty program for users to collect a portion of the 150,000 ORS tokens. In order to participate in the bounty program, follow the link below to find the rules and all the options you have to collect ORS tokens.

Blockchain technology has empowered platforms to supply fast and secure transactions for betting. The Origin Sport is one of those platforms that is currently optimizing blockchain technology to create a useful platform for users looking to place wagers. With the current information available about this bounty program, it looks to be a good chance to collect ORS tokens while they are being distributed with this bounty program.

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Airdrop Timeline: Jun 12 2018 - Jun 30 2018

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