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May 14, 2018

MoneroV Airdrop

Private Cryptocurrency

Airdrop end date:

Est. Value: 20 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

MoneroV is a based off of the popular private cryptocurrency Monero. The MoneroV token will be airdropped to any Monero token holders after the hard fork scheduled at block #1564965. The each Monero token holder will receive 10 MoneroV tokens once the fork takes place.

To receive the airdrop, you must be holding Monero token. You can find more information about this project and the upcoming hard fork in the link below.

Collecting airdrops from forks is a great way to receive free tokens, especially if you already own the coin that is forking. MoneroV looks to have good potential based on the success of Monero.

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Airdrop Timeline: May 16 2018 -

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