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June 21, 2018

Loyakk Airdrop

Decentralized Organization Tool

Airdrop end date: Jun 20

Est. Value: 4 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

The Loyakk platform’s token LYK empowers decentralized organizations and business to use the token to solve solutions within business networks. For instance, the LYK token has been designed to provide support for functions such as standardization, facilitating permission access, and propagation of data.

To participate in the Loyakk airdrop and get free LYk tokens, simply follow the link below to join by signing up through the telegram bot.

With the current information that is available about the Loyakk project, it appears to show good potential.

Useful Links

Airdrop Timeline: May 30 2018 - Jun 20 2018

Further in Ended Airdrop

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