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June 27, 2018

GARD Airdrop & Bounty

Asset Management

Airdrop end date: Jun 25

Est. Value: Total pool 2,000,000 GARD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

What is Hashgard? – Hashgard is a public blockchain that establishes a secure decentralized asset management protocol, initiated by the strategic director of Fenbushi Capital and managing partner of BKFUND, Charlie Xu, and co-founder of BKFUND, Tom Huang. It provides a one-stop blockchain solution and crypto-financial asset management system for both individual and institutional investors.

Hashgard is the first blockchain project directly incubated and managed by Fenbushi Capital, with Bo Shen, Shuo Bai, former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Sunny Lu, co-founder of Vechain, acting as strategic advisors.

FAQ for Airdrops:

Everyone that joined registration and activated their account before 19:00 PM Beijing time 21-June-2018 is eligible for airdrops to their account.
I don’t get a candy code? :
The airdrop is finished, but you are still eligible for more award with the next activities!

When do I get my referral reward? :
Referral reward will be reflected after ten days, this is to make it fair for everyone, and we will remove duplicates, bots, etc.

Do I still get the bonus for referral links?:
No there is no referral bonus anymore.

Follow the link below for links and specific details about how to get starting in collecting your GARD tokens.

With the information available about this airdrop, it looks to have high potential going forward.

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Airdrop Timeline: Jun 12 2018 - Jun 25 2018

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