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June 7, 2018

Decoin Airdrop

Trading Platform

Airdrop end date: Jun 19

Est. Value: 2 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

The DECOIN Trading platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure security and speed when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. The platform also has a redistributed revenue system that will help to guarantee users and coin holders are compensated adequately. DECOIN has goals to develop multi-language call centers around the world to ensure that all users can receive the proper support if any problems arise.

There are several ways to collect this airdrop. Follow the link below to a post that will take you step by step to collecting.

With the information available, it seems that with that strength of the DECOIN team and the project they are building, this will be a great airdrop.

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Airdrop Timeline: May 16 2018 - Jun 19 2018

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