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July 6, 2018

CoTrader Airdrop

Investment Management

Airdrop end date: Jul 16

Est. Value: 5 USD

Official links:

Airdrop Overview


The CoTrader platform is one of first transparent investment marketplaces for cryptos and ICO’s. The test platform is live on testnet at demo.cotrader.com. With CoTraders, you can invest with the best-proven fund managers. Unlike competing platforms, CoTraders investment funds can be managed without regularly transferring the funds to anyone. Fund managers’ fees and production records are transparent and proven on the blockchain.


To get stated and sign up for the airdrop, follow the sign-up link below.


With the current information available about this project, it looks as though this project will have good potential.

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Airdrop Timeline: Jun 18 2018 - Jul 16 2018

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