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July 31, 2018

Du Yuzhou Airdrop

Online Game

Airdrop end date: Aug 23

Est. Value: Unknown

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

Baidu, the Google of China, is launching a game called Du Yuzhou (“The Universe”).  The game uses blockchain technology so that users can receive “elements” to create their planets. Element is the token for the game and will be first available through an airdrop once the game launches. Users will be able to use Element tokens to design and create their own planets which will increase the amount of gravity for their virtual world thus allowing the user to generate more Elements.

The date for this airdrop has yet to be announced so stay tuned to official sources for this airdrop to know the release date.

This project shows signs of high potential with the reputation of Baidu and amount of attention around this project.

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Airdrop Timeline: Aug 14 2018 - Aug 23 2018

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