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July 31, 2018

CoinAnalyst Airdrop

Trading Platform

Airdrop end date: Aug 23

Est. Value: unknown

Official links:

Airdrop Overview

The CoinAnalyst platform makes cryptocurrencies simple. Buying
and selling settlements can be made by real data and smart reviews, given by Artificial Intelligence. This allows the user to recognize opportunities and dangers and respond punctually and proactively to price changes.

CoinAnalyst Airdrop Instructions

How to join the Airdrop and earn by encouraging additional members in the Telegram group:

1. Start by clicking the sign-up link below to get started with the CoinAnalyst airdrop telegram bot.

2. Send the bot “/help” to see its instructions.

3. Press the “/address” button to provide the bot with your ETH address. ERC20 compatible addresses only, please.

4. Press the “/group” button if you’d like to get the link to join the group yourself.
5. Press the “/link” button to get your unique referral URL. **THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SHARE IF YOU WANT TO EARN BY INVITING!**
6. Copy the link and send to any friends you would like to invite.

You can evaluate your progress by pressing the “/stats” button. Questions? Pop in the @Officialbountyportals group and ask our campaign’s directors.

CoinAnalyst Bounty Instructions

For this bounty, CoinAnalyst has stored 2% of the total tokens. All of these CoinAnalyst tokens will be fully distributed among the CoinAnalyst bounty campaign participants. As the total amount of participants is unknown, the CoinAnalyst token will be allocated based on a predetermined amount for each bounty campaign.

Example: In the signature campaign, a participant will get a stake on a weekly basis while sharing in the operations. In the end, the participant’s value of CoinAnalyst tokens will be settled with this method:

(All designated tokens for campaign / Total amount of stakes) * Member’s stakes

Example: (400,000 designated / 12,000 Total Stakes) * 100 Member stakes = 3333.33 COY tokens

Distribution of Rewards

**If less than 50 participants take part in any campaign until the end of the crowdsale, funds will reduce by half for the respective campaign. Furthermore, if less then 20 participants take part, funds will reduce to one third. Except for Translation campaign.

Social media Campaign: 45% of 2% COY tokens
Signature Campaign: 15% of 2% COY tokens
Translation Campaign: 15% of 2% COY tokens
Blog & YouTube Campaign: 25% of 2% COY tokens

Seriously Important:
When an ETH address is submitted, it will not be altered for any purpose. Be cautious when entering your ETH address.
No exchange wallets will be allowed. Including; ShapeShift, Mixers, or any additional 3rd party co-operation. Present simply your ETH addresses to which you know your own private key (or seed phrases).

You can find more information about the bounty program by following the link below to bounty instructions.

With the information available and the current state of this project, it looks to be a good airdrop and bounty program.

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Airdrop Timeline: Jun 21 2018 - Aug 23 2018

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