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Welcome to the Airdrop-Review Affiliate program!

We established this program to give back to our most dedicated users. We take half of the airdrop tokens that we collect and distribute them back to our Airdrop-Review affiliates.

The more visitors you refer to our site, the quicker you rank up. As you rank up, you will qualify to receive for more tokens



  • 0-99 visits generated
  • Collect up to 100 USD in Tokens


  • 100-499 visits generated
  • Collect up to 100 USD in Tokens


  • 500+ visits generated
  • Collect up to 300 USD in Tokens

Ranking requirements are subject to change

Collecting Rewards

Affiliates in the Gold rank will receive 60% of our tokens dedicated to the affiliate program. Silver ranked affiliates will receive 30% and Bronze ranked affiliates will receive 10%, respectfully.

You must use an ERC-20 (non-Exchange) public wallet address to collect tokens. Do not share your private with us. Simply, input your public wallet address in your profile information in order to collect.

Tokens will be distributed to affiliates on a continuous cycle based off of our own collections. Keep up with you ranking and track your progress using the Tracking tab on your account.


Use the ‘Marketing’ tab on your affiliate account to access banners, images, and custom link tools. Use these marketing asset when posting to forums, on social, or to your website/blog. All images have unique links along with source code that will allow you to drive traffic and increase your earning potential.


Register Now & Start Collecting