On Airdrop Review we bring you the freshest daily list of airdrops. Airdrops are one of the best ways for ICO companies to create awareness about their service or product. In addition, Airdrops are a great way to earn free money (tokens) of promising ICO projects for users. We bring those two worlds together.

Always make sure to interact with cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. Never share your private wallet key with anyone, even if a website asks you to.


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An airdrop is when a cryptocurrency company distributes free coins or tokens to users. In order to get those free airdrop coins, a company may ask you for your email address to sign on to their newsletter. Or they may ask you to share news about their project on social media. It can be as simple as signing up for a newsletter or answering a simple question. Mostly in these cases the company is an ICO company looking to raise money from investors.

Some airdrops are conducted by crypto companies that are already listed on a crypto exchange. In these cases the company takes a snapshop of the particular blockchain at a certain date. Anyone who holds coins of the respective blockchain at that date will then receive free airdrop tokens.

Sometimes an existing blockchain decides to go for a hardfork. This means that there is a team of developers in the original blockchain creator group which has a different opinion as to where the future should lead towards. They sometimes have the option then of creating their own chain out of the original blockchain. This is called a Hardfork. When that happens, the holders of the original blockchain coins, will receive free “airdropped” coins of the newly forked blockchain.

The value of the free tokens you will receive can range from a few dollars to over a thousand dollars. The company Onchain for example issued the Ontology coin via a free airdrop to users who signed up to their newsletter list before a certain date. That’s all which was required. 1 minute of work and more than 1,000 USD reward a few months later. Another example is Polymath. The Polymath airdrop was worth more than 250 USD at a certain time when the crypto market was doing well. All it took was also signing up for the newsletter and submitting simple KYC information.
Every company that want to run a free airdrop can issue their own rules of what users must do to receive those tokens. It can be as simple as signing up to a newsletter. Mostly though the company will require you to share news ab out their ICO or coin on social media. Examples for this are Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and others. The company may also require you to download their app and provide customer feedback which the company will use in turn to improve their product or service.
For this you have Airdrop-Review.com. In the list above you will find the widest collection of free airdrops on the interwebs. On the left side and when clicking “View All Active” you can see all the active airdops and participate in them. In the middle section you see “Upcoming Airdrops”. This section is very important because here you will see a list of shortly upcoming attractive airdrops. Sometimes it is required to be very fast when signing up for an airdrop as the most popular ones are filled out very soon. In the right section “Ended Airdrops” you will see a historical collection of all ended airdrops. This can be useful when you are conducting your research and comparisons with currently active airdrops.
We do our best to ensure only legitimate company airdrops are listed on this website. But due to the sheer magnitude of listings this cannot always be guaranteed. So please make sure to always watch your security and privacy when you participate in airdrops. The most important factor to keep in mind is to never share your private wallet key information or passwords on any channel. The airdrop company may ask you for your PUBLIC Ethereum address which is fine to share. This is like a bank account number. If a hacker only has your bank account number but not your pin / tan, he can’t do anything with it. But if someone gets hold of your PRIVATE wallet key your coins will be likely stolen instantly. Never give them out. Due to the fact that there is a lot of money to be made in the crypto world, there is no sector with more cybercriminal activity at the moment. Hackers and scammers are getting more and more sophisticated and some will try to use the airdrop method to get hold of your private keys and passwords.

We recommend to download the Cryptonite browser extension. It signals you if a website is on the “safelist” or if a site is unkown or seems fraudulent.

To store your airdrop coins and tokens we recommend to use hardware wallets. The two most secure ones are the following: Ledger Nano and Trezor.

First of all you will have your airdrop tokens in your wallet after you received them. In order to get real money for them or change them to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies you need to open an account on a crypto exchange. We recommend the following exchanges:

1. Binance
2. Bittrex

Once you opened your account on one of the above exchanges you can go to your account settings. In the settings you will see a menu item saying “Receive coins” under the “Deposit” tab. Copy the address of the deposit tab and use your hardware wallet to send your airdrop tokens to this particular deposit address. After a few minutes the deposited airdrop coins will appear in your balance. Now you can use the exchange to trade your airdrop tokens against any other cryptocurrency listed.

Please immediately alert us if you see an airdrop scam anywhere. Every month we give out 100 USD worth of bounties among everyone who alerted us of possible scams. It is a big goal of us to help keep the crypto community free to hacks and scams and we would like to help in any possible way to achieve this goal.
As a company you are welcome to submit your airdrop campaign for us to publish on this website. Please note that due to the overwhelming amount of listing requests we receive, it might take a few days to get back to you. There is a priority listing option available. Please use the form above to submit your request.